hellooo peeps !

I am RUTA VYAS. I am a Happiest Daughter , luckiest Sister , Proudest wife & Obsessed Mother. I am an M.B.A but my life is changed when 2M took their Entry – MARRIAGE and MOTHERHOOD . it came to ME in full force. I Like to Live my Life in colours .

I am a jeweller by profession. runs a brand called TREASUREBOX. I am a full time Mommy of a toddler named DHRIYANSH and he is a center of my life . My day starts with him & ends with a new adventures everyday.. i love to do painting and crafts , i am a hunter and learner of new Art , I am a cooking obssessed and a foodie , i love TRAVELLING , I love shopping. i am juggling behind & within all of the above stuffs..

I want to protrait my life with words that is the main reason of this BLOG.
” MOMMATHEJUGGLER” Join me on my journey where u will see many colours of my experiences of life. how i deal with my prince.. what all i do for and with him, etc..etc… which can be useful to u all.

Stay Tuned for lots More…..!
Xoxo !!!