10 shades why i love BEING WOMAN


yuhhhuuu March is here… woman’s day is around the corner and your inbox is going to be flodded with thousand of messages , quotes and photos for praising womanhood but as a WOMAN, i love all the shades of being woman including black and white (or grey ) everyday. i salute and value each and every woman of the earth.. i am thankful and grateful to all.. Do you want to know why i love woman or me ??

  • Beauty & makeup brands would never earn without women : i am a makeup freek , i love doing makeup and trying out new brands .. as woman i have planty of options to hide my Dark circles & blemishes and ofcourse awesome array of colours i can dust on my eyes.. and can create different looks ..
  • I can feel the feminine : because of being woman , i can wear infinite styles of clothes , lingeries to bikni to padded prangnany bras.. planty of options and varieties to hide our internal emotions or feelings.. woman can wear the pain like i wear stilettos.. no matter howmuch it hurts all you see is beauty of it.. how can i forget preety dresses and accesories.. and being gorgeous inside out . feminine beauty cannot be matched.
  • That hot Red Periods : i love my periods although those five days are the most painful days of the month .. i enjoy headaches , legs and stomach cramps but these all things are worth beacause of this menstrurial cycle i got the happiness of getting pregnant. periods gives the right of getting PREGNANT
  • Having my MR.HUSBAND : being woman I got my Mr. Perfect .. i am having streanth to leave my home, my room , my food habits to routine and adapted everything, I have become more responsible towards my responsibilities and duties as a wife, daughter – in-law , mother. I became better and stronger version of Me and I am loving this.
  • Joy of pregnancy and becoming mommy : I love being woman because i got pregnant , carried a life inside me for full 9 months. i had vomitting till i went for my c-section , swollen feet , leg pain , backpain , stratchmarks . handling all these is not an easy task but all these pain was a worth when i saw my son’s smiling face for the first time. i am happy , thankful and gratefull to god that he made me to get into these beautiful feelings..
  • Happiness of breast feeding: I love being woman because i fed my milk to my baby satisfied his hunger and thirst. our bond became stronger and he felt warmth and safety only a woman can do this.
  • I can get Emotional : Only woman can express their feelings better than man. being woman i can cry anywhere and everywhere . i can cry publicly ( that i won’t) i can cry on any touching stories. but if a man cries and shows his emotions , people takes him wrong according to society only woman can cry and express their feelings so this is very big advantage woman has . we dont need to keep everything inside.. we can burstout anytime..
  • I can be wanted and needed : women are the pioneer of any family. no man can fill the place of woman at home.. from food to cloths to any household things woman is always wanted and needed.. BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN THERE IS ALWAYS WOMAN. and Home without Daughter is just house.. ! relationship of father – daughter , husband-wife and children – mom is unique and i am so lucky that i having that all.. I love being needed and wanted.
  • Changing Priorities : i love being woman because only woman can change their priorities at different stanges of life.. all of sudden my ambitious nature changed to all time perfect wife , d-i-l to new family and gave my 100% to be perfect in every new relation. after my son’s birth all focus shifted to him, he is my top most priority , want to have and want to do everything best for him.. i am loving this.
  • Being giving and multitasker : we women can give time , money , support , advocacy – and i am happy in surving . women are great multitasker. managing work , home and children these all is not an easy task .

This bolg post is part of #womensdayblogparty . I would like to thank Shaonli sengupta for introducing me , read here post for this blog party here. and you would love to read amazing post of gorgeous SHARVI . She writes amazingly so check out her blog here .


Author: mommathejuggler

hellooo peeps ! I am RUTA VYAS. I am a Happiest Daughter , luckiest Sister , Proudest wife & Obsessed Mother. I am an M.B.A but my life is changed when 2M took their Entry - MARRIAGE and MOTHERHOOD . it came to ME in full force. I Like to Live my Life in colours . I am a jeweller by profession. runs a brand called TREASUREBOX. I am a full time Mommy of a toddler named DHRIYANSH and he is a center of my life . My day starts with him & ends with a new adventures everyday.. i love to do painting and crafts , i am a hunter and learner of new Art , I am a cooking obssessed and a foodie . i am juggling behind & within all of the above stuffs.. I want to protrait my life with words that is the main reason of this BLOG. " MOMMATHEJUGGLER" Join me on my journey where u will see many colours of my experiences of life .. which will be useful to u all. Stay Tuned for lots More.....! Xoxo !!!

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